Observations and Thoughts from my Little Corner

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whirlwind Week

What a wonder-full week! Full of children! Full of homeschooling! Full of church! I am definitely full!
First of all, after much consideration, prayer, and a long interview with the mother and grandmother, I did decide to begin babysitting Dominic and Rylan during the week. So many times in my life, I thought I was making a sacrifice for someone else, only to discover that I was the one to be blessed. This is one of those times, and also one of those times when a prayer of mine was answered in an unexpected way. Awhile back, I caught myself repeatedly praying this very silly prayer that God would make all of my children "little" again. What? Would God turn back time and plant us all back in that little house on Shoals Point Trail, just so I could have another go at things? No, God would answer my longings in His own way. So, with two new boys and three of my own boys still at home, my house is full again, and I am grateful and humbled with this awesome responsibility.
So, with Christmas long gone, and snow all melted, there was no further excuse to delay our second semester homeschooling. Stephen and Kenny started back with vigor, not wanting to endanger any of their electronics privileges. We started a new book for our after breakfast devotion time, about heroes and outlaws of the Bible, and the boys are hooked, begging me to continue a little longer each day. We decided to go back to the beginning of chapter 6 in our pre-algebra curriculum. (Any homeschool Mom can tell you that Ch. 6 is always a pivotal point in math curriculum!) Everything else went smooth as silk, with only one pesky little spelling test to do over the weekend. We are back in the academic groove.
Revival! Ken and I never feel like we get enough church during the week. We go the typical Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night like everyone else, but it seems so long between services, and we always want more. So… a weeklong revival is a very welcome event to us. We loved the evangelist, and his family. We loved the music and the messages. God definitely filled our spiritual cups. Even so, we are heartbroken over loved ones who are lost or straying.
By the time we got home from revival each night, dinner was late and becoming a medical necessity! Then of course, I had the clean up to do (did not want to start the next day with a pile of dirty dishes!) So, my days started earlier than the usual early all this week, and ended later than the usual late. And I am tired and strangely energetic all at once... enjoying my day of rest, and looking forward to whatever God has in store this upcoming week.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Big Decision of the New Year

My sister called last night and asked if I would be willing to keep the children of one of her co-workers five days per week for pay. The mother is a single mother dissatisfied with her daycare. Everyone knows I am morally opposed to daycare, but that I am sympathetic to those moms who find it their only option. The children consist of a 10 month old and a four year old. On the plus side, Sam would be getting a playmate, which is awesome. Secondly, I could be a positive influence for however long this lasted in the lives of these children and their young mother. And, of course, my family could always use the extra money. On the down side, watching a ten month old all day would certainly impact my homeschooling efforts with Stephen and Kenny. Also, there are a lot of projects I have planned with Bible Study, decorating, cross stitching, and scrapbooking which would definitely take a backseat or be put on hold altogether. Lastly… as much as I love children and value them as gifts from God, do I really have it in me to watch someone else’s children all day, everyday? I’m 43 years old with my own little three year old to chase around. So, I prayed about it, tossed and turned all night trying to decide, and called my sister to ask for another day to consider. I will probably meet with the mother to discuss everything, but if I do that, my heart will get more involved and I won’t be able to say no. So, this first decision of the New Year is a big one, and important to me, my family, and someone else's family. Any advice would be appreciated!