Observations and Thoughts from my Little Corner

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hospital Waiting Rooms

What to take: a needlework project, a book, Bible, pen and notepad, change for vending machine, cell phone, kleenex

What to do: pray, look for others who need prayer, make small talk with extended family members show consideration to other families, jot down list of non-family members who show up for support, and what am I forgetting…oh yes, wait…and wait.

How to be: poised, soft-spoken, calm

How to feel: often the opposite of “how to be”

What to know: God is not panicked. He is in control. Prayers are definitely heard.

My father was diagnosed with colon cancer, and promptly scheduled for surgery to remove it. The surgery went well. He was a model patient during his hospital stay, and is now recovering at home. Later today, we will get the pathology reports on the lymph nodes telling us whether or not chemo is needed.
The hardest part is the reality of someone you love going through the pain and stress of the entire ordeal. You can’t do it for them, and there is so little you can do to help. The incision hurts, so just turning in bed is very painful. The catheter and IV are uncomfortable, and don’t always work right. There will be good nurses and bad nurses, and it doesn’t really make a difference which you have, because the hard part is still up to the patient. So… you fluff a pillow, or straighten a blanket, and offer ice chips. Having the catheter and IV removed, graduating from ice chips to liquids, and other less delicate milestones become cause for celebration, because they mean your loved one is one step closer to getting out of this hospital.
Thank you to my friends who prayed for my dad. I didn’t want to blog or facebook about it because I didn’t want to trivialize something so important… and it was his battle much more than mine. But now, I am so glad that it is over, and that he is home safe!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I Never Learned to Do a Proper Cartwheel

We made it through February! Winter is still hanging around and snow to some degree is on the forecast here in northern Alabama for tomorrow. However, today is March 1, a "promise ring" from Spring, happily accepted, and shining in the sun! A cursory search of my unkempt winter yard this morning, did not reveal a single flower bud or bird's nest to photograph, but I did see a little more green than last week, and several very fat robins. I am looking forward to a lawn of green grass. While I won't being doing cartwheels, I will spread out a quilt and have a picnic with the children. I will plant some flowers and do some yardwork. I will sit on the front porch swing and think about...summer.