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Monday, March 1, 2010

I Never Learned to Do a Proper Cartwheel

We made it through February! Winter is still hanging around and snow to some degree is on the forecast here in northern Alabama for tomorrow. However, today is March 1, a "promise ring" from Spring, happily accepted, and shining in the sun! A cursory search of my unkempt winter yard this morning, did not reveal a single flower bud or bird's nest to photograph, but I did see a little more green than last week, and several very fat robins. I am looking forward to a lawn of green grass. While I won't being doing cartwheels, I will spread out a quilt and have a picnic with the children. I will plant some flowers and do some yardwork. I will sit on the front porch swing and think about...summer.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw this Tami! What a beautiful thought and picture. I can just see you and all those boys on a quilt in the yard.
Your yard promises to be beautiful in the spring...something you didn't experience last spring.
love, mom :)